Protection of personal data

Here is a brief description of how the Arendon Development Company treats your personal data and how your personal data that you may provide to Arendon Development Company when visiting are protected against abuse.

The Arendon Development Company treats your personal data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data and Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended, and in accordance with the registration made with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

What data we collect:

Address and identification data, in particular your name, surname, date and place of birth, marital status, birth number, nationality, permanent address, home phone number, telephone connection to your job, your e-mail address
Descriptive information, in particular how many children you have
Data about another person, address and identification data of the family member (wife/husband, partner, child)

What we do with the data we collect

The data provided by you will be stored in our internal records.

We use the data to better understand your requirements and provide you with more precisely targeted services. This information serves us mainly for the following purposes:

Sale offer;
Advertising and marketing activities;
Creating client databases;
Real estate activities;
Financial advisory services.


The security of your personal data is absolutely crucial to us. In order to prevent unauthorized access or unauthorized handling of data we receive online, we have implemented appropriate physical and organizational measures.

Personal data

If you do not want your personal data to be used to send business communications by any third party except for Arendon Development Company, please tick the appropriate box on the page that will ask you for your choice. You can change your decision at any time. Just send us the required information to

Your personal data will not be accessed or communicated without your explicit consent. Based on your request, we may use the information you have provided to send you the third-party advertising materials that we believe you might be interested in.

You can request a complete overview of your processed personal data at any time. Pursuant to Section 12, paragraph 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, we have the right to request reasonable compensation not exceeding the costs necessary to provide such information for the provision of overview of the processing of your personal data. In case you would like to receive information about the processing of your personal data we have at our disposal, please write to us to the address

If you believe that any of your personal data we have at our disposal is incorrect or incomplete, please inform us without undue delay to the above mentioned address, we will correct the data immediately.