OAKS Philosophy

The mission of Oaks Prague is to create a pleasant living environment in the midst of nature with all the conveniences of modern urban life. Oaks is a residential complex we are building in Nebřenice, southeast of Prague. It’s intended for people who love nature and want to spend quality time with their family and friends. We invited an international team of architects and designers to turn Nebřenice into an exceptional place to live in terms of architecture and urbanism, providing everything that a quality life requires.

Our vision

Life in Oaks

Oaks is being built around a 19th century chateau that will be completely reconstructed and, among other amenities, provide the base for the Oaks Boutique Hotel, Wellness & Spa and PGA National Golf Course. The chateau complex will be completed before the first residents move to Oaks.

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Our generous urbanistic plan is based on a study of old Czech villages and creates a functional space for active family life, meeting friends, children’s’ play, sport activities and relaxation. The centre of Oaks features shops and services, a restaurant and café, as well as a bakery where you can pick up fresh bread each morning.

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A network of hiking, cycling and equestrian paths in the immediate vicinity of Oaks will provide ample opportunities for sports and family walks. Besides that, Oaks offers a number of exceptional sports facilities with professional services - Oaks PGA National Golf Course, tennis and a riding club. These services will be provided by Oaks Country Club that also allows members access to the chateau spa complex.

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The architecture at Oaks emphasizes a balanced combination of privacy, family and community life. All interiors are light and airy with open living spaces. Homes are set sensitively within the local landscape and, although purely modern, are based on the typology, colour schemes and materials typical for old Czech farmsteads.

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World-renowned architects including such icons as Richard Meier, Eva Jiřičná and John Pawson each contributed to the Oaks concept. Our team is composed of nearly twenty architectural and design studios from around the world, including the Czech Republic. Together with us, they created the designs of individual buildings, as well as the amenities and landscape architecture, all within a sophisticated urban plan.

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Nature at Oaks

Oaks is situated within a rich natural landscape with many kilometres of forest paths and several ponds. Local mixed forests teeming with wildlife will certainly please even the most discerning naturalists.

To ensure that we preserve all essential features of local environment and, at the same time enhance its development, we commissioned an extensive biological research and developed a detailed plan for the protection and support of biodiversity.

A notable landscape feature of Oaks is its stunning old-oak alley lining the access road to the chateau. We will extend this original alley and make it a connecting feature among the main parts of the project. After all, the significance of this natural feature gave our project its name.

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Nebřenice is located 25 km southwest of Prague, in the municipal area of Popovičky. A trip to Prague centre, as well as the airport, takes approximately half an hour. We seldom find a place within such easy access to the metropolis, yet in the midst of a beautiful natural environment that radiates a true countryside spirit.

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